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Having suffered for 3 months with severe tennis elbow and seen 2 different physios I was recommended to ReWork for some Cryo treatment. I was informed during my initial phone consultation with Jordan what the treatment entailed and what results I could expect from 1 treatment. He explained that some injuries will only need 1 treatment but more severe ones could need more. He also confirmed the price of each treatment. On arrival at the venue which is on 2 floors with the top floor being used as a Tattoo studio and the basement area which looks very professional been split into treatment rooms. I liked the fact Jordan was waiting on reception for me and used my name. I was shown to the treatment room and had a very thorough consultation as to what the machine did and what the treatment would feel like. I have to say that I was slightly sceptical but the results I got after 1 treatment were excellent. The elbow that was not so severe was pain free while my worst 1 was so much better. The improvement was unbelievable What I really liked was the way Jordan showed me where the inflammation was and how the machine picked this up, the part of my arm where the pain was at it most severe was glowing red on the thermal camera but after the treatment it was the same colour as the rest of the arm. I have rebooked and would recommend anyone who is having issues that their physio seems not to be able to sort to give this a try.

Mark Pearson 

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