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CryoFace Anti-bags

Here at ReWork Skin Clinc we use a top of the range, medically CE marked Cryoscreen machine, which uses Co2 to get the best results possible while still giving you maximum comfort. 

Often hereditary, the bags under the eyes become stronger with age. The main cause of these bags is water retention associated with skin slackening. The objective of this treatment is to stimulate skin micro-circulation to drain and decongest pockets related to water retention and also increase elasticity to smooth and tone. 

Pricing starts from £30, drop us a message to book in your consultation. 

CryoFace anti-bags: About

How it works

We use the Cryo machine to deliver a thermal shock to your system. This is 
an efficient, gentle and natural technique. The very low temperatures have a powerful effect while remaining soft because they produce a thermal shock. The combination of the light pressure and a temperature of -78°C, totally dry and comfortable, stimulates all skin receptors. The reaction will be an activation of the natural resources such as collagen which will give your skin a lighter and plumper complexion as well as tightening of the skin reducing the appearance of bags under your eyes 

CryoFace anti-bags: About
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