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Aftercare and support

Aftercare and support: Welcome

Here at ReWork Skin clinic, Sheffield our clients satisfaction and well-being is incredibly important to us. This is why we provide you with the best aftercare and support. You will be looked after and monitored every step of the way. Your client experience and journey with us is as important as the results themselves.

While you are having your treatments with us you will receive- 

A pre and post treatment care sheet for your treatment, which will be talked through with you at your consultation. You can choose to have this emailed to you or a hard copy printed out for you to take home.


A mobile number will be given to you, in the unlikely event that you need to contact us urgently post-treatment. 

Before and after photos will be taken of each client so that we can keep record of their progress and be able to compare end results. 

You will receive free follow-up appointments to discuss your results and look at your before and after photos. 

We will contact you a week after your treatment session, to see how you're getting on and to see if you have any questions. 

Aftercare and support: About
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